15 paintings Readme


Personal Understanding on 15-day Painting Project and Personal Statement on One Square Meter Link
1: Cooperation 
This project is not pre-oriented. Every link can determine how the whole work is presented. The contradiction is whether to follow the entirety or only take the context of the adjacent one square meter into consideration. The contradiction makes reality complicated, which is the experiment focus of this project. Different from an ancient album in which paintings are gathered based on certain clues, mostly in proportion, form and character, 15-day project has set forth the basic rules for partnership without limitations on approaches and methods. Given free reign, the artists have to face the common problems eventually. The 100% unpredictability of the project and the integration of painting, installation, sculpture and concept artists make 15-day project no longer a simple painting project.

2: Boundary 
The one square meter link is independent, giving artists the freedom of misplaced joining from the predecessor. Hence, the boundary lies in the area out of your one square meter zone. With no limitation on image, concept, color, composition and approach and no affiliation, every artist extends the work with his own understanding and approach. Of course, there will be obstacles resulted from different systems and approaches of others. It’s the instinctive reaction in face of other systems.

3: Personal Statement on One Square Meter Link
a. Content
The front head portrait of Mickey Mouse is turned into a visual shape for medical psychotherapy. At the bottom of the image is the line reading “Mickey can help you.”
b. Explanation 

My one square meter links with Liang Shuo’s which Donald Duck is subconsciously mentioned but not Mickey Mouse. As we all know, these two cartoon characters have become the classic images influencing the global ideology and can be understood that we have always generated things which may affect or disrupt ourselves to test and make standards. Historically speaking, the development of standards is not logical. We have been aware of the historical standards in the process of autohypnosis. What I said about my understanding on partnership and boundary previously has prompted me to choose constantly rotating Mickey Mouse. On the one hand, it’s to present Mickey Mouse which is not shown in Liang Shuo’s work; on the other hand, it’s to visually and mentally intervene (hypnotize, pacify or agitate) the other 15-day project artists and viewers. We need a prescription for calmness or agitation when we become radical. Hence Mickey can help you.