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  • Sigg Collection "Landscape- A Silent Poem" Chinese Contemporary Art Show
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    Uli Sigg, Peter Fisher and Ai Weiwei jointly planned the Sigg Collection "Landscape- A Silent Poem" Chinese Contemporary Art Show from May 21 to October 2, 2011.
    Covering a land area of 1,200 m2, this exhibition prepared for over a year displays 70 landscape works of 47 Chinese contemporary artists including Ai Weiwei, Xu Bing, Hong Lei, Gu Wenda, Feng Mengbo, Liu Wei, Qiu Anxiong, Jin Jiangbo, Dai Guangyu, Yan Lei, Duan Jianwei, Peng Wei, Ni Youyu and Xu Xiaoguo, and 15 ancient landscape paintings of Guo Xi, Huang Shen and Mi Wanzhong. 
    Landscape painting has been a constantly developing art form for 1500 years in China. Essentially different from the western landscape painting, this unique art category has become an integral part of the cultural heritage of mankind. Through a comparative exhibition of ancient landscape paintings and contemporary landscape paintings, this exhibition is to allow western viewers to appreciate the spiritual and connotative richness of Chinese landscape paintings and study how it affects and is kept alive in contemporary art. The large amount of installations, oil paintings, photographs and Chinese paintings of contemporary artists have posed a serious and complicated problem: Is the spirit of landscape kept alive or dead? Or is it a merely beautiful dream?        
    As the Base Museum of collectors Uli and Rita Sigg over the years, Luzern Gallery has regularly exhibited the works of Chinese artists and thus it is the ideal venue for this exhibition. To allow western views to better understand the spirit and historic line of Chinese landscape art, Sigg borrowed the key works of 11 Chinese ancient and contemporary landscape masters including Zhao Mengfu, Shen Zhou, Wen Zhengming, Dong Qichang, Wang Hui, Huang Shen, Mi Wanzhong, Fu Baoshi and Li Keran from Musée Guimet, Museum Rietberg and key Hong Kong collectors. These works were incorporated into the album with those of contemporary artists.       
    It’s understood that this exhibition will be held in Musée Guimet in 2012.