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    798 Arts Festival Beijing 2010 Closed, Five Awards of Young Artist Recommendation Exhibition Revealed    Xu Xiaoguo Winning the First Prize by Image Work “Tomorrow”
     On the afternoon of the 17th, the 798 Arts Festival Beijing 2010 held the Young Artist Recommendation Exhibition Award Ceremony and Closing Banquet in the 798 Arts Center. Chaired by Mr. Meng Haidong, deputy vice president and secretary general of Beijing Cultural Development Foundation, deputy director of Chaoyang District People’s Congress and president of Beijing Electronics Holding Group, officials from Beijing Municipal Publicity Department, Beijing Promotion Center of Cultural Creative Industry, Mr. Yin Shuangxi and Zhao Li, representatives of Young Artist Recommendation Exhibition Review Members and Professors of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and media representatives-subeditor of Beijing News, editor of Contemporary Art and executive editor of presented the certificates and trophies to the award winners. The 798 Arts Festival Beijing 2010 came to a successful conclusion.
    Young artist/group Bingxiong Group was honored the Special Prize of 798 Arts Festival Beijing 2010 with “Bingxiong Supermarket”; Xu Xiaoguo won the First Prize by Image Work “Tomorrow”; Wu Hai was awarded the Second Prize by painting “History without the End”; Sheng Jianfeng took home the Third Prize through video “Dialogue”. Luan Jiaqi was presented the Press Grand Prize with the sculpture installation.  
    As the theme exhibition of 798 Art Festival this year, the Young Artist Recommendation Exhibition themed with “Shaping the Future: Contemporary Art of Education for All” is composed of 46 individual works and group works of artistis from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland China. The five award winners were selected through rigorous review by the joint review committee consisting of directors and curators of noted art agencies, critics and representatives from 17 supporting press agencies.  
    The new Art Fair of the Art Festival provided an exchange and trading platform for artists’ works, drawing 60 artists and exhibiting 400 works. An intent of transaction had been reached for some 30 works and over 5 artists had reached an cooperation intent with the gallaries. Over 70% artists showed satisfaction towards this Art Fair and hoped to attend again, and over 90% visitors showed great intrest in this Art Fair and expected more similar events from 798 Art Festival.   
    Held from September 18 to October 17 in 798 Art Zone, the 30-day 798 Arts Festival Beijing 2010 launched in partnership with some 50 galleries and agencies in the 798 Art Zone a variety of events besides Young Artist Recommendation Exhibition and Art Fair. Among them were Cuba Vanguard Art Exhibition, Macau Weekend Party, drama Kursk, ballet dance The Rite of Spring paying a tribute to dancing master Pina Bausch, live artistic performances, open-air movie projection at UCCA Art Theater. 
    According to the Organizing Commitee of 798 Art Festival, “798 Young Artist Recommendation Exhibition” and “798 Art Fair” will be launched as long-term programs. Among the 350,000 visitors to the 798 Art Zone during the Art Festival, over 150,000 attended the theme exhibition. Over 130,000 visitors came to 798 Art Zone during the October 1 Golden Week.