Exhibitions Foreword

    Is a sound-painting project created by artist XU Xiaoguo, following up on XU’s last successful sound-painging project DENOISE 6/25/2011.Joined by guest collaborator, electronic musician, audiovisual artist CHEN Mulian, ENERGY FIELD is a 2-hour audiovisual performance that invites the audience to explore the idea of, and physically experience the energy field.

   The theme of this project, “The Fifty Strings”, draws reference from Tai Zi Chang Qin (The Great Zither of the Prince,《太子长琴》,an imaginary string instrument mentioned in The Chronicles from Time lmmemorial《太古记事》.ln the myth, the zither has 50 strings. Each time one plucks at one string , the power doubles. lf one were to pluck at the 50 strings all together, every living being in the world would wither and the world would fall into the primal chaos. The process of transforming sounds into energy is that between two energy fields. The forces unknown in this process have always inspired mankind to ponder on and to touch the unknown in the material world .By translating such forces into terms of art ,the artists intend to open a door of perceptuality that leads to re-viewing the material world.  

    ln its two-part performance ,ENERGY FIELD constitutes two pieces of sound painting and two pieces of electronic music by XU and CHEN, respectively. XU and CHEN will perform live interactive pieces on the themes of “Open String” and “Close String” in the two parts. “Open String” and “Close String” are terms used to describe the states of vibration and movement in the Superstring Theory, lt is believed that nature is not comprised of such basic units of micro particles as the electron, photon ,neutrino and quark, but of the micro, thread-like “strings”, including the open string, which has endpoints, and the close string, which is a closed circle. The vibration and movement of the strings will generate different basic particles. The rationality in physics and the percep-tuality in Chinese mythology to generate synergy in ENERGY FIELD, which provides the audience with a unique and electrifying experience in this live performace.